Comprehensive Eye Exams

During a comprehensive annual eye exam your visual acuity, refractive status, eye muscle posture, and accommodative status will be checked. This includes an eyeglass prescription. In addition, we pay special attention to your ocular health, including an internal/retinal exam and glaucoma screening

Pediatric Eye Exams

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends an annual comprehensive eye exam starting at age 5. However, children may need a screening at a younger age in cases of eye turns/strabismus, poor visual acuity, or other visual concerns. Dr. Cortes finds it valuable for every child with or without any symptoms of eye strain, fatigue, or poor vision to have a yearly eye exam. A lot of times symptoms of ADHD, or ADD may be attributed to a lack of proper refractive correction.

Diabetic Eye Exams

All diabetics must have a thorough eye exam every 12 months. Retinal complications from diabetes can cause serious, often permanent vision damage if left untreated. Dr. Cortes can generate an exam report, if needed, for primary care physicians or endocrinologists to review.

Glaucoma Eye Screenings

It is imperative for all adults to have an annual screening for glaucoma as part of preventative health care. Glaucoma is an eye disease that is often attributed to high eye pressure. This can be due to genetics, previous eye injury, or other factors. Glaucoma is a ‘silent disease’ in that it has no symptoms- you won’t know if you have it unless you are checked regularly.

Medical Office Visits

For those that may have a specific eye care need apart from glasses and contact lens services, medical office visits are available. Please call us to discuss insurance coverage and appointment options.

Emergency Visits

We accept new and existing patients for eye emergencies that need care on an urgent basis. Severe injuries may require further specialist referral, if indicated. Please call us to get an immediate appointment if necessary.

DMV exams

When renewing or applying for a Florida License, it may be required to have an eye exam by a licensed Optometrist as well as fitting of glasses with a Licensed Optician. Dr. Cortes will gladly see all DMV exams and fill out any forms necessary. For your convenience, an Optical and Licensed Optician is available in LensCrafters, immediately adjacent to our clinic. 

Back to School Eye Exams

Discounts given to school-aged children in the weeks prior to the new school year. Call for information on pricing during that time.